We have the most advanced techniques to help you get pregnant.

We have the most advanced techniques to help you get pregnant.

In vitro fertilisation with pre-implantation genetic screening

The in vitro technique (the union of the spermatozoa and the oocyte to achieve fertilisation and the initial embryonic development outside of the woman's body) is combined with the genetic study of the embryos or pre-implantation genetic screening, to offer a unified treatment which gives greater possibilities of success in pregnancy and greater peace of mind, with no risks for the mother.

One of the areas of knowledge that has most evolved and which we apply in reproductive medicine is genetics. We have diagnostic techniques that enable us to study the chromosomes of each of the embryos generated in the laboratory and to select those with no anomalies to be transferred to the uterus of the woman, increasing the probability of success, the safety, and reducing the risk of miscarriage.

The medical treatments must be personalised and there will always be a specialist recommendation that will indicate the treatment that will provide the best results. However, this technique is recommended in case of failed implantation, repeated miscarriage and according to the age of the mother, among other factors.

What does IVF with pre-implantation genetic screening consist of, step by step?

1. The process begins with the controlled medical stimulation of the ovaries of the woman.

2. A sufficient number of eggs which can be fertilised to generate embryos is obtained.

3. These will be developed in the laboratory in a completely controlled environment.

4. Between the third and fifth day of life of the embryos, the obtainment of the embryonic material necessary for the genetic study (a small sample is extracted) will be performed.

5. The embryos will be cryopreserved until the genetic analysis indicates which of them are free of chromosome alterations.

6. In a subsequent cycle, the endometrium of the woman is prepared so that it is receptive and the embryo/s is/are devitrified for their transfer.

The other frozen embryos with no anomalies are kept in this state.


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