We have the most advanced techniques to help you get pregnant.

We have the most advanced techniques to help you get pregnant.

Artificial insemination with the partner´s sperm (AIH)

Artificial insemination is the simplest assisted reproduction technique and basically consists of ing the sperm into the woman using a special instrument.


When is AIH used?

  • When there are low to moderate defects in semen quality due to a moderately low sperm , reduced mobility, or slightly abnormal sperm morphology.
  • When there is poor quality cervical mucus, which can act as a barrier to sperm as it makes its way up towards the uterus and fallopian tubes.
  • In cases of infertility with unknown or unapparent cause, which is the case for patients whose conventional diagnostic tests have shown normal results.
  • Other situations AIH can improve the chances of conception are: mild endometriosis, fallopian tube abnormalities that do not result in complete obstruction, certain ovulation disorders, etc.


What is the general procedure for AIH?

AIH is generally performed after ovary stimulation: the patient receives a treatment aiming to ensure ovulation by treating possible defects in the spontaneous cycle in some cases and increasing the number of ovules that can become fertilised (controlled by regular ultrasounds) in others. In the following days, the insemination itself is performed, for which the man must obtain a seminal sample which is processed in the laboratory in order to the most useful spermatozoa it contains and eliminate the rest of the semen.

The insemination is performed in the consultation room and the gynaecologist introduces a fine, soft plastic tube through the cervix to deposit the small volume of liquid containing the ed spermatozoa in the uterus.

What are the possibilities of success offered by AIH?

The probability for each cycle is 10-15%. The majority of pregnancies are obtained in the first three cycles of treatment.


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